Tuesday, May 31, 2005

In the knews today;

FBI Official Was 'Deep Throat To which I have to ask, who cares anymore? It was 30 years ago and the majority of the public has either moved on or hadn’t been born yet.

Another excuse for the knewsmedia to pat itself on the back however, so we can be sure to get days of "remembrance" for the "heroic" efforts by Bernstein and Woodward. A model that every 2 bit reporter from Podunk to Washington has been dying to recreate since. It was the apogee of the “profession” of Journalism that played into every hard charging reporters dream, catching an evil Republican in the act of spying on the opposition. Wow, I’m sure that was the first time THAT happened.

Sad indeed.

In other knews;

The EU continues to collapse. An inevitable end to an attempt to remake human nature and institutionalize the already shaky hold that Socialism has on Europe. I think the populations see themselves in some sort of never changing Nirvana that they can lock in place by keeping the current Administrations. The fact that the Piper is calling for his pay is to be ignored at all costs and if they just keep things in place, it will be 30 hour workweeks, 10 month work years and 7 month work decades forever.

They are in dreamland.

Michelle Malkin deconstructs the Left on who is and isnt in Gitmo and will make sense to only the sane among us.

Meanwhile the Left continues its clueless behavior regarding the middle class. Gee, they want to take our income, indoctrinate our kids and rule our lives and they cant figure out why we wont vote for them.

I will sell them a clue if they ask real nice.

IN Technology Knews;

Can You Trust Your Spyware Protection? It seems the answer is no. Some companies can, by way of Litigation, real or threatened, are “delisting” certain pieces of Spyware.

Yet another example of our Legal Profession at its best.

For those who read all the way to the bottom;

Proof that Marriage isn’t quite dead yet. A couple celebrated their 80th Anniversary. Touching indeed and a pleasure to see.


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