Sunday, January 08, 2006

Thanks to my Publishers

As usual, thanks to ChronWatch and The Rant (now The New Media Journal).

My newest article has been on the front page of either the Website of the Politics section for a solid 3 weeks

Thanks Frank

Meanwhile, the same article was on ChronWatch for only 10 days before being moved to Archives :(

Regardless, thanks to the both of them the forum and I will have a new feature length article up soon.

I have spent entirely too much time fixing this computer but with a fresh install of XP (shudder) I should be able to concentrate a bit more on writing.

I am so far undecided on topics, I have several ideas but none os screaming to get out while others are better timed for the occasion.

Ideas I have been mulling over include;

  • The NetCentric™ Home. In my home, right now, I have 48 CAT-5 Computer drops, 26 1 GHZ video drops, two 24 port switches, a Router, a file server, and 7 computers. LAN Parties are a near weekly event. With a multi line PBX with Music on Hold, my home is equipped better than most businesses. Life here is…different than other places. I have many thoughts.
  • Iran is heating up quick. Their President is a nutcase who believes the fabled “12th Imam” is due to return and he will lead Islam to final victory over the West, if a few million Jews and Muslims get killed, spilled milk. Hadn’t heard much about this bozo? Imagine that, the MSM not telling you about important world events. Meanwhile, back to Cindy Sheehan.
  • PC gone wild. My very oldest friend went out dancing with another couple, and in passing he mentioned to the woman that she was attractive. It wasn’t said in secret, rather it was said in the presence of his date, and the woman’s hubby. A few days later hubby calls demanding an apology because of his “improper comment”. Berkeley gone wild.

Anyway, thanks for the support everyone and keep those cards and letters coming.




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