Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hump Day Musings

In the Knews;

John McCain continues his bizarre attempt to win Republican votes by screwing the Republicans. Strange indeed. I personally detest the man, yet another over-inflated ego disguising itself as a principled Politician. I don’t know a Conservative who would vote for him.

David Warren agrees with me that the rejection of the EU by France is only temporary, they will continue to put it back up for a vote until they get the result they want. It is odd that in the minds of the EU Masters, No doesn’t mean No, it just means maybe. Our Founding Fathers continue to raise their stature in comparison to the petty bureaucrats in Brussels.

The New York Post makes the startling discovery that the Iraqi “Insurgents” are mostly from Saudi Arabia. Imagine that. The Saudis involved in Terrorism. Next thing you know, they will discover that water is wet and that the sky is blue. Next up, Bears defecate in the woods.

In yet more knews from the NY Times, Paul Krugman, the increasingly insane columnist, is revealed yet again as a Democrat apologist, skewing facts, figures and generally making up whatever evidence he needs to “expose” the Evil Republicans. And the Media wonders why the faith of the public is gone.

Obligatory NYT Stock ticker


Keep it up guys, at this rate, it will be a penny stock by next year !

In other knews, a British study has found what we have all suspected, Knives are Dangerous. So dangerous in fact, that the authors of the study are calling for knife control, yes, knife control. They went so far as to consult with professional chefs who agree, there is just no good reason for the general public to own long, sharp knives. Gun Control opponents have for years, illustrated the absurdity of Gun Control Laws by saying “whats next? Banning knives?” Now we see the natural progression, they in fact DO want to ban knives.

Whats next? Pointy sticks? Harsh Language? Bad thoughts?

And the Left wonders why they have lost the Middle Class.

Coming soon from a Democrat Politician, The US version.

In a clearly manufactured piece of information, the Iranian News agency says that Al-Zarqawi was treated for his injuries in Jordan. I find it striking that a country like Iran. that has expressed its support for the Iraqi insurgency conveniently puts the blame to a country that is one of our few allies in the region. It seems to me much more likely that he was treated in Iran and they are trying to drive a wedge between the US and Jordan.

Never underestimate either the duplicity of Islamisists or the gullibility of the world press and other enemies of the US. I have rarely been disappointed by the lies of both.


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