Monday, November 21, 2005

Pulling defeat from the jaws of Victory

(Or why I learned to stop worrying and ignore the Democrats)

In a stunning show of testicular fortitude heretofore unknown to the Republican leadership, the Republicans, lead by Dennis Hastert, forced the Democrats hand by demanding a vote to stay or quit in Iraq.

This has not worked according to the Democrats playbook at all.

The introduction of Cindy Sheehan as a public figure was no accident, it was just another in the steps the Democrats had taken to “Vietnamize” the Iraq war. Rep. Murtha coming out to demand a troop pull out was right out of the 1971 playbook and I’m sure there were plans for sympathetic interviews by the New York Times, CPS, CNN et al to emphasize that Murtha “really didn’t want to do it” but that he just couldn’t “hold his conscience” anymore. With Bush’s poll numbers down, they were gathering for an orchestrated campaign to pull defeat from the grasp of victory once again.

Defeat you say? Of course defeat, that’s what they see for themselves if something isn’t done soon because, slowly and behind the scenes, we are nearing Victory in Iraq.

Oh I know, some of you out there will no doubt think I have gone off the deep end here. Victory knewshound? How can that be? All the Media is reporting is how badly things are going in Iraq. Lets break it down and look into the future for a second.

Some facts;

We have been training Iraqi Police and Soldiers for a year now.

Their strength will soon approach 50 Divisions with more than 250,000 Combat trained troops, more than the Americans have in country by far. At that point, the US will move to remote bases and will withdraw from routine patrols, and will be used primarily as backup and air support. Casualties will drop to nearly nothing, troops will be rotated in and out with a steady drawdown of troop strength, rotating in units that will be leaving Germany (Old Europe).

With our forces freed from patrol in the towns and cities, they will become the most high tech border patrol the world has ever seen. The task of patrolling towns and cities will now fall to the Iraqis themselves, and if they are smart, and the Iraqis have been VERY cleaver using the Media they will start a well timed ad campaign that will highlight the fact that the terrorists in Iraq will now not be killing the “Crusaders” but rather the sons and daughters of their neighbors.

This will bring about a sea change in the attitudes of the populace that will roughly parallel the scenes we saw in Jordan earlier this week as 200,000 people marched to denounce al-Zarqawi and terrorism. Al-Zarqawi is now in the extremely weak position of having to defend his most recent atrocity when he blew up hotels in Jordan that killed only one “Crusader” but did manage to kill many Jordanians and Palestinians including a newlywed couple.

That will put a dent in the old public image.

Speaking of dented public images, lets get back to the Democrats.

Even though they might sound like screaming moonbats, there are a few smart ones who know this same information and are in a panic. If Iraq succeeds, their entire playbook to anoint Hillary for 08 will come crashing down around them as it starts to become apparent to Voters that the knews media has been lying to them and that, just maybe Bush was right after all. All of this BTW is coming in right as the primaries are starting to ramp up with the “cut and run democrats” put into a box as GOP campaigns across the country shout in unison that if we had listened to the Dems, we would have failed.

Now I know, predictions are a difficult thing to do, but my analysis of the events seems not only logical but likely.

There has been much gnashing of teeth on the Democrat side that Bush “doesn’t have a plan” or that he is “Blundering around” without a clue. The only ones without a clue here are those on the Democrat side of the aisle who are trumpeted in the media, the most recent of which was Rep. Murtha. If a lowly blogger like ME knows what is coming in the near future, certainly the “professional” media must?


For some reason, I think they do in fact know these things. And that terrifies them. That they know it and continue to push the Democrat agenda should worry YOU.

If what I have predicted comes to pass, and I believe it will, they will be in the unenviable position of being wrong yet again, but also will be forced to defend all that talk about “quagmires” “war without end” and “Bush doesn’t have a plan”.

But then, that seems to be the pattern of the media and the Democrats, deny any success and when, against all your efforts, Bush manages to succeed anyway try to take credit for the very thing you opposed from the beginning (thanks for that one Phil).

That the Republican leadership saw the trap and played hardball was heartening. It showed that if given a chance, some in the Leadership actually “get it” and are discovering that they are a Majority, and that acting like it pays dividends. The question is, what now? It is established that much of the funding for the DNC comes from the, Michael Moore, Daily Kos bunch who see the entire world through the prism of far-FAR Left ideology. With the recent vote, House Democrats were forced to choose between the primaries and the General Election in 08 and they decided to hold out for the General. Smart move too, because Hillary and the White House is the prize to them, the House and Senate (as we have witnessed) is small potatoes to them compared to Bill and Hillary getting back in power.

Now that the Rep. Hastert has shown the way, perhaps some additional spine will be discovered by the Republican Leadership, but one thing is for sure; the “Vietnamization” strategy that the Democrats were trying has been nipped in the bud, along with some potential House and senate seats now going to the Republicans.

Victory is rearing its ugly head and the Democrat playbook just got thrown out the window.

Any bets on what they try next? I have a few theories of my own that I will be expanding on over the next few days.


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