Friday, June 10, 2005

Cleaning out my Blog Fodder file

We have all heard the lament of the Left, well, the most recent one anyway, since it tends to change, sometimes hourly.

The charge goes something like this:

It isn't fair that workers make so much less than the CEO or Owner does.

We have all heard it. SO, what is their prescription for solving it? If you guessed Goverment interference, you guessed right. But how would they go about it? By making everyone rich?

I have a bridge to sell you if you think Democrats want THAT.

This article describes the effect by the only major society in History that did try it, and the result.

A cautionary tale to the Dems, not that they are capable of learning anything from a silly thing like History.

Meanwhile, in my now stacked up page of blog fodder, I came across some interesting finds.

Editor and Publisher has an article on the News Media and how few people trust them.

Now, not to put too fine a point on it, but in the wake of the numerous scandals that have beset the Media in the last few years, their declining circulation and lowered ad sales, the MSM (Main Stream Media) is in deep kim-chee. It never seems to occur to these Einsteins that if they simply reported the FACTS and leave the opinions in the Opinion Section, they might have more credibility, but, as we all know, it is more important to them to insert Bush Bashing or Republican Bashing at any and every opportunity.

Now I ask, why would we mistrust a media that isn't content to simply report but instead, they use the soapbox given to them to promote their Party and it's views.

And to think, they are losing their customers, go figure.

Victor Davis Hanson has an outstanding piece of the future and what it holds for the US. He contends that as China and India become Superpowers, the good old USA is going to start looking a lot more attractive to the rest of the World. That is, if we don't see a Civil War in China, something I am personally not real sure about. He contends that as the fence sitters look around and see the USA against China or India, we will bring in more allies as the other two have some serious "issues" to contend with.

By now you have heard that there will be a new building on the site of the World Trade Center. Who hasn't ?

But, did you know that the Left, as usual, is trying to hijack it to put in a "cultural center" that will include a "International Freedom Center"?

It all sounds so warm and fuzzy.

Naturally, since this IS the Left we are talking about, the Freedom Center will be composed of displays that "that will nurture a global conversation on freedom in our world today." Those conversations will of course, be about how horrible Gitmo is, the abuses of the Patroit Act and other nefarious deeds attributed to the US.

Graduation speakers are usually a tedious lot. They nearly always use the occasion to tell young people that "The future belongs to you." Which it sort of does. However, occasionally, there is a fuss made of the choice of speaker. Just such a thing happened in the Bay Area, at California State University East Bay over the choice of commencement speakers. So, you might ask, was the speaker a firebrand Christian? A Flaming Communist? A way out Anarchist?


It was an Immigrant who has the nerve to actually say, in PUBLIC, that learning English is best for kids.

Naturally, the Immigrant community, well, the noisy anti American ones anyway, demanded and got his agreement to not give the speech.

Ah yes, progressives in the Bay Area, they are nothing if not entertaining.

There is a piece in The Telegraph about how working a 35 hour week in France is tough. But not like you think. It points out that many young people are rebelling over the laws that, essentially, make it illegal to work. Ah Socialism, the gift that keeps on giving.

One of the funniest things I have read in awhile is about how America is safer under Democrats. The point of it is, is that if you surrender, or simply dont fight for what is right or what you believe in, you will always be safer. Using Jimmy Carter, the Disaster from Georgia, as a prime example makes their case brilliantly.

Well, my arm is killing me from all this typing so I am gonna call it a day, I will be posting more now that my body is in a bit better shape so look for more soon.


The knews hound


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