Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Some items I have been meaning to add

I have been a bit slow in posting, I had an accident and the stitches in my hand make typing difficult.

Mac Johnson talks about how America isn’t perfect, and that is a major sin with the Left. As we all know, in the eyes of the Left, no matter what the problem, it is all Americas fault. The lack of judgment by our opponents never ceases to amaze me. The enemies of America can do no wrong, but if on single thing we do isn’t perfect, there is hell to pay on the Left.

To the surprise of a bunch of illegal aliens, a Judge in Texas isn’t simply releasing them once they are caught, like is usually done, he is sending them to jail before they are shipped home. All in all, a good start. Now if some California Judges would just do the same.

It figures that an Australian paper would be the first to break the knews that we captured another al-Qaida operative in Iraq. This was in the first few days of the war. Naturally, the MSM in the US will studiously avoid reporting it since it would tend to belie the notion that they have presented that “Bush Lied” and that there is “no connection between al-Qaida and Iraq”. As the number of stories continues to mount detailing the connections between al-Qaida and Saddam, this one is going to be harder and harder to


In yet another sign that the Euros are cracking up, the “President” of the EU announced that, although France and Denmark did in fact reject the EU Treaty, they really didn’t mean it. Ah yes, Denial isn’t just a River in Egypt. It is alive and well and living in the EU.

The LA Times (motto; if we cant sell papers, we will give them away) reports that, contrary to their expectations, Bush isn’t acting like a Lame Duck. Lets see, he holds a majority in the House, Senate and Governorships, and they are surprised he isn’t rolling over for the Dems? Only the LA Times could possibly be surprised by this.

And finally, in the knews of the weird, I am pleased to report about the successor to the now famous/infamous Gumball Rally. It is called the Players Run and it costs about $10,000.00 just to enter. I checked my wallet and verified I will not be entering anytime soon. It seems there were a few traffic stops along the way this year that has somewhat upset the CHP. I’m sure this isn’t the last we will hear from this group.

That’s it for today guys, I am writing a 1000 word article for publication and will not be posting much for a day or two. I will link to it once it is published.


The knews hound


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