Thursday, June 02, 2005

On Illegals, Democrats, Muslims and the Media

I was disappointed, but not surprised to read about the rising cost of Health Care for Illegal Immigrants. This story shows how the rising tide has hurt Taxpayers in this country, reducing services to Americans as the Hospital is reduced to near Bankruptcy paying for Illegals.

There will come a day, when a Politician from either party (Hillary?) will disregard the polls, advise from “experts” and members of their own party and take on this issue. Timidity has been the order of the day as Pols for both parties duck the issue for short term political gain. I predict that the first national Politician that runs hard on this issue will be a winner, confounding the experts and gaining office.

Are you listening over at the RNC ?

Byron York at National Review reports on the recent "Take Back America" conference sponsored by Campaign for America's Future, a Leftist organization, where the The Left Asks, Will We Ever Win Again?

I will help them out a bit.

Stop indoctrinating our kids in the name of Diversity

The well is dry, do not raise our taxes for more social programs until you fix the ones we have.

The loons in the far left side are amusing, but don’t take them serious.

The Two Americas theme is tiresome. Find a new soundbite.

But, thankfully, they would never listen to a guy from flyover country like me, so we can safely assume nothing will change, and that their question will be answered.

The Left Asks, Will We Ever Win Again?

NOPE, they won’t.

Cinnamon Stillwell at Frontpage Magazine has an article called Mainstream News Media vs. America. In it, she describes many of the complaints that I have made in This Very Space. Namely, that the Media seems to go out of its way to apologize for Muslim extremists, bring shame to America and seems stuck in the 1960’s and Vietnam. She makes a great point about Loose Lips Sink Ships and why no such standards exist today.

Opps, that’s right, it is hard to get your face on Primetime when you DON’T expose secrets, only if you do.

And getting on Prime Time TV seems to be the ambition that drives knews today, Journalism and Patriotism be damned.


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