Thursday, June 02, 2005

Notice a trend here?

I have noticed a disturbing trend among the political elites, both here in the US as well as Europe. When the populace tells them no, it doesn’t mean they hear it as a no.

In Europe, both France and the Dutch have rejected the EU by resounding margins in both. Yet the political masters have said that they will just have another vote, and another vote, until they get the result they want.

In California, voters rejected Gay Marriage by a wide margin, yet again, as in Europe, the (Socialist) Politicians have decided that No didn’t mean NO, it means “Maybe” or “sure but”.

Either way, the will of the people is ignored as these (Socialist) Politicians disregard our opinions and continue to push their (Socialist) agendas.

I find it striking that in every state that Gay Marriage has been subject to approval by the people, it has been rejected, by a wide margin. In Europe, the EU Constitution has been approved by the (Socialist) Politicians yet when it is put to a vote of the People, it has been rejected by wide margins.

So does anyone else notice a trend here?


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