Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday, glorious Friday


If you aren’t an Ann Coulter fan, you are missing an author who is, arguably, one of the best, if not most sarcastic, writers in the market. Her latest column puts into focus the problem that the Republicans have being in the majority. Namely, many of them act like they are in the Minority. I hadn’t realized that in fact, Republicans have had a Majority in the House for THE LAST 6 ELECTIONS. Did you realize that? I hadn’t.

Apparently, neither has John McCain and the remaining 6 Dwarves. Only McCain and a few others retain the ability to, when victory is within their grasp, eagerly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The fight over the filibuster was merely a run up to the Supreme Court nominations fight looming in the Senate. To think this band of Merry Men would actually think the Democrats would keep their word is stunning to me.

For some reason, I am reminded of Charley Brown and Lucy playing football. Lucy (The Democrats) keep pulling the football away at the last second and for some reason Charley Brown (The Republicans) believe them when they say, this time, they will let them kick it.

Maybe this time, after being left flat on their backs yet again, they will re-think it.

For some reason I doubt it.

Lee Ellis over at ChronWatch asks a question that many of us on the Right are asking.

The Bush Haters –Are They Winning? I do not pretend to know the answer but I certainly have my opinions, to which I would answer…

Not yet.

It certainly isn’t for lack of effort on their part. Their willing accomplices in the MSM (Main Stream Media) are the usual echo chamber for their increasingly incoherent rants, but I think that the echo chamber has drawbacks as well. When you hear only yourself and others like you, you tend to forget that there is a huge population you have to convince as well. The Left talking to the Left is an amusing sight however. For some reason I am reminded of the Blind man describing an elephant to another Blind man.

Mr. Ellis does remind us all that vigilance is the key to ensuring that in fact, the Bush Haters DON’T win.

The Boston Globe has a sob story about an Illegal Immigrant that isn’t able to go to college unless he pays out of state tuition. Poor baby. It amazes me that the Left figures that if they made it in to the US, every benefit that a citizen should have, the illegals should have. This is a particular issue to me since my eldest son is in college now, and as is typical, can get no financial assistance other than loans since his Mother and I are middle class and as we all know, the middle class needs no assistance. We can afford everything is apparently the thinking. Yet the Taxpayers of Mass. are expected to pay for this kids continuing education too.

I’m afraid that the Socialists in the Calif. Legislature will be following suit soon. One thing Leftists hate is being upstaged by other Leftists in the race to spend other people’s money.


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