Friday, February 03, 2006

Islamorwellian Opera

It never ceases to amaze me.

That the MSM is craven, spineless and agenda driven is hardly knews.

Hell, Bloggers rely on then never telling you both sides of a story, there wouldn't be much to say if they actually did their jobs.

But, have you noticed anything in their coverage of the Cartoons that the Islamofacists are so upset about?

Hint; you likely have never seen them.

Here is what has them in such an uproar.

To those of us who remember "Piss Christ" it seems hardly worth getting your panties in a wad over. The Secular West has entire cottage industries built on the idea of insulting Religion.

The Radical Left (an oxymoron) is invested in the notion that not only should Religion be silenced in affairs of State, it should be actively discouraged and publicly denounced whenever possible and sees it as the root of most problems.

That the Radical Left and the Islamo fascists share the common goal of defeating Christians is no surprise either. That these same Leftists would be the first ones taken to the firing squads should they take power is seemingly past their comprehension.

What I find most amusing is that these same Islamo fascists demand, not ask mind you, but DEMAND that their views be taken seriously. They firmly believe that not only are they equal to the West, they are actually superior to it. All the while, in newspapers and magazines throughout the Islamic World, anti-Jew, anti-Western and anti-US cartoons appear daily comparing Jews to Monkeys, Westerners as sub-humans and the US as arch enemy. That the same papers demand that the West and the US supply them aid and weapons only serves to illustrate the schizophrenic nature of Islamic nations.

So when you look in your New York Times (motto; losing money daily since 1998!) Washington Post (motto; At least we don’t lose as much as the New York Times!) or L.A.Times (motto; Our stock is, like tanking dude) make note of the fact that although you may read about the courageous moves on the part of the European Press to come to the defense of Free Speech, you will never actually be allowed to SEE the cartoons in question.

Unless you came here of course.



Ht Tip to atomicpossum for the great title



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