Friday, August 18, 2006

The Gathering Storm

Looks like my suspicions about Aug 22 are becoming reality quickly.

Tehran, 18 August (AKI) - Iranian state television has announced that Iran will begin new missile tests on Saturday in five different border regions including along the frontier with Afghanistan. The tests - which will last five days - appear to be a show of strength staged to impress ethnic minorities living in Iran's Kurdistan, Baluchistan and Khorasan provinces


Iran's state television today said the military would launch a series of large-scale exercises on August 19.State television quoted army deputy commander General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani as saying that the upcoming maneuvers "aim at introducing Iran's new defensive doctrine."Ashtiani reportedly said the exercises would involve both ground and air forces and would go on "for an unspecified period of time."


"We have to be prepared against any threat and we should be a role model for other countries," local newspapers quoted Gen. Ashtiani, as saying. "Our army is ready to defuse all plots against Islamic Republic of Iran."The military exercise, involving 12 infantry regiments, is called "The Blow of Zolfaghar," in reference to a sword that belonged to Imam Ali, one of the most revered figures of Islam for Shi'ite Muslims. A majority of Iran's 70 million people are Shi'ite. On Wednesday, the Interior Ministry said that Iran also plans to boost security patrols on its borders

The "exercises" will, by the most amazing coincidence, be right next to their enemies.

Meanwhile, the Mullahs are hard at work removing any link to the ouside world by destroying satellite dishes.

And at the same time, North Korea seems to be getting ready for a nuclear test.

All signs point to a History making event on the 22nd.

I fervently hope I am wrong.

It increasingly looks as thought I will not be.

Be safe.



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