Friday, December 16, 2005


Ben Johnson writes in Front Page that the Iraqi elections, with over 70% participation, shows the folly of the cut and run crowd.

Money qoutes;

"The Iraqi Islamic Army, an anti-American milita group, safeguarded the polls in Ramadi. Last January, there was a widespread Sunni boycott; yesterday, militants went into local neighborhoods to encourage Sunnis to vote. As a result, Sunni turnout in that city increased 4,000 percent over the October referendum."


Polls had to stay open an extra hour due to long lines. Some 80 percent of Saddam’s home province voted. Anbar province ran out of ballots as children danced in its peaceful streets. Four times as many people turned out in Tall Afar this time over last. Even in the former terrorist stronghold of Fallujah – where 70 percent of the populace cast ballots this week – Mayor Dari Abdul Hadi Zubaie said, “Right now, the city is experiencing a democratic celebration.” He compared the municipal euphoria to the Arab world’s most joyful celebration, a wedding. (In fact, a Kurdish couple got married at a polling center.)"

Even those who were ineligible to vote wanted to take part in the great national liberation. Former Iraqi General Mustafa Abdul Aziz, who had no right to vote, asked if he could dip his finger in purple ink, in solidarity with his fellow countrymen. “[A]s I dipped my finger in the inkpot, my eyes watered and tears started coming down. That's what we always wanted, a chance to live a free democratic life. I and my family had suffered just to have such a day, and now it has become a reality.”

Thank you US ARMY, Air Force, Navy and Marines for helping to give birth to the one Democracy in an Island of Despots.


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