Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The NY Times, racing to the bottom

In a story in the LA Times today headlined "Critics question timing of Surveillance story" it is noted that "with critics on the left wondering why the paper waited so long to publish the story and those on the right wondering why it was published at all."

The Old Grey Whore is dying and it cannot be saved without wholesale changes.

A good start would be covering the knews, not trying to influence it.

Obligatory NY Times Stock Graph.

On the dawn of the first free election in the Middle East, what does the NYT cover?

Why a year old story of course.

And they wonder why the Left is losing.

A comprehensive list of verified violations of Civil Liberties by the Bush Administration under the Patriot Act.












And so on and so on.

You see my point. In an era where the New York Times has chosen to ignore the first free elections in the Middle East in favor of a year old non-story of a legal and long established policy of the Executive Branch, it is worth seeing the assembled list of the numerous abuses of this Administration using the powers given to them by the Patriot Act.

The Left loves to cry and whine about "potential abuses" yet they never can actually point to any that have actually happened.

Could it be that the Democrats are more interested in denying Bush a victory, any victory, at the cost of our nations safety?

To even ask such a question often brings down demands to know if "you are questioning my patriotism?"

Well, now that you mention it, yes.

I am.