Wednesday, January 04, 2006

TEMPEST in Your Tea Pot ?

I had a fascinating conversation with an old friend over the Holidays and had to give him a plug.

Have you ever heard of TEMPEST ?

It refers to the odd habit that Electronic devices have of leaking radiation like an antenna. If you are running a blender, who cares? If however, it is your Computer, or Monitor, or Server, you are unwittingly broadcasting everything you are doing.

If you are surfing the Internet, no big deal, but if it is your Server, with your businesses entire financial information on it you may be in big trouble.

He described how his firm was brought in to determine how a certain business was losing $1,000.000.00 a month and found out it was some shady characters with a high gain antenna sniffing the company CFO’s wireless keyboard.

I would urge anyone that is serious about computer security to look beyond the Firewalls and Routers and think hard about a product like this.

Nice chatting with you again John.




My new Computer is going to have this.

I think Windows CEMENT is my future.

It seems like a great product and with a reputation like Microsofts, how can I go wrong?

With its inherent instability, obtuse file system and patented "What You See Is What We Want You To See "WYSIWWWYTS©"" file protection system, I see it as the wave of the future. The added features for web browsing that allow any yahoo with an Internet connection to take over my machine and supply "content" is going to be a spectacular adventure. The though of sharing my family photos and important documents warms my heart.

Be sure to check out some of the additional programs you can get that allow you save those important files in formats that only Windows CEMENT can read, thereby assuring their longevity ! I will give you follow ups as they happen, stay tuned !