Monday, August 14, 2006

Flooding the Zone; The coming war against Israel

Flooding the Zone; The coming war against Israel

By Patrick Godfrey

In American Football, a time honored play is Flooding the Zone, where an aggressive opponent will put a large number of their offensive players in an area of the field overwhelming the Defense and allowing an opportune score. I believe the same strategy is soon to be unleashed on Israel from Iran.

Iran has been a favorite client of China, North Korea and Russia who have eagerly sold them the most advanced weaponry in return for some cold hard Petro-Dollars Along with those hard cases, some European firms now find themselves on the receiving end of their own technology as Iran arms itself to threaten Europe.

Iran has been acquiring missiles for years and among their inventories are the Shihab-2,3 & 4 with ranges from 1000 to 2000KM and has also acquired BM-25s from North Korea with a range of over 2500KM putting Europe and all of the Middle East in their sights. With their upcoming “Major Announcement” on Aug 22, I fear that a full scale attack on Israel is in the works.

I believe this attack will come in the form of waves of missiles from Iran, possibly first probing the Israeli air defenses but I suspect that type of attack is simply not the style of Iranian President Ahmadinejad. He has mad no bones about his intention to wipe out Israel, he has made it very clear that he intend to do this. The West has fritted away any chance of stopping him and he knows it.

I believe Iran will launch everything it has at Israel in one full scale assault. Iran will likely save their nuclear weapons for the final volley when Israeli anti missile defenses will have been spent. Ahmadinejad will try to obliterate Israel in one violent attack, fulfilling his prophecy that Jerusalem will be engulfed in a “sky filled with fire” as foretold in the return of the 12th Madi, a apocalyptic vision of the world that Ahmadinejad believes in fully.

Only in the chaos and disaster that such an act would bring will the 12th or “hidden” Madi return. Ahmadinejad has been planning this event for years and it will fulfill his deep seated desire to re-shape the world for Islam. For 60 years, the West and East were deterred from a full scale nuclear exchange by the policy of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). When a religious fanatic with a desire for an apocalyptic confrontation with Israel and the West is given these same weapons, the outcome is nearly ordained.

Will Israel and the West confront Iran before the missiles fly?

Our very lives may depend on it.