Thursday, December 15, 2005

The War in Ira*

As usual, Charles Krauthammer is ahead of the curve.

The Mullahs are going over the edge and the only plan the Democrats have is how thay are going to impeach Bush.

And they wonder why serious people ignore them.

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It’s Electric

U.S. troops describe a festive atmosphere across Iraq.

Some qoutes;

"The Iraqi people are looking at this [election day] like an actual holiday." Not in the sense that it need not be taken seriously, but in the sense of what one Iraqi army soldier said: "This is the first time in my whole life I got to choose the government of my country!"


Sergeant Major James Keesee describes the atmosphere in Mosul as that of a "large playground."

Parents and their children are "walking the streets waving at the Americans and Iraqi-army patrols as they pass by," he says.

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Cooney says, "the streets are filled with children playing soccer," and a general "euphoria" has apparently washed away any real concern of hostilities.

Officers like Major Rob Dixon says the Iraqis are clapping their hands in praise and gratitude as the U.S. Army vehicle patrols pass by."


I know you can....

The Genius that is Mark Steyn

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