Monday, July 24, 2006

The Last Normal Day; 21 Aug 2006

The Last Normal Day; 21 Aug 2006

By Patrick Godfrey

When we look back on it, we will be amazed we could be so stupid.

After all, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had given us ample warning what his intentions were. Since the day he took “office” he has been the hardest of hard liners, declaring his intention to promote his particular brand of Islamic fascism, with none of the evasive answers we had come to expect from others of his kind in the Middle East. Rather than dance around the issue of Israel, he openly declared that “Israel should be destroyed”. Neville Chamberlain would roll over in his grave; at least he got a Treaty out of the deal. The West got nothing but contempt.

Some saw it and raised the alarm. Had Bush been supported by the Democrats in a time of war, as was the tradition for the prior 200 years, he might have been able to convince our traditional Allies to actually DO something. But it was not to be. Realizing that no matter what, the talking points of the Democrats made it impossible for the US to take the lead on Iran. After listening to years of Leftist sputtering about “Cowboy Diplomacy” and the implied superiority of the Euro elites and their suave negotiating skills, Bush gladly handed the Iranian nuclear issue to them and wished them luck.

After 2 years of bargaining and negotiations, the Euros accomplished exactly….Nothing.

As most of the West long suspected, Ahmadinejad was merely biding his time, demanding and getting production of Plutonium to a point those in the West thought impossible, which they would have been if normal safety processes are ignored and needed shielding is not installed. After all, why worry about such pitiful details when the exposed worker will be dying for the return of the glory of Islam?

One might have suspected that with the apparent disgust that the Left looked upon the religious views of Bush, they would have recoiled in horror when Ahmadinejad expressed his belief in the return of the 12th Madi. This was beyond some apocalyptic fire and brimstone Preacher, this guy actually believed what he was saying. But beyond mention in a couple of news stories, it was not widely reported on.

When the Iranian President wrote to Bush in May of 2006, few realized he was offering the West a truce. If Bush were to convert to Islam, all past grievances would be forgiven. Although it was given scant notice in the news of the day, it was in retrospect a portent of things to come.

Which brings us to Aug 22, 2006.

Many theories were proposed as to what the Iranians would do on the 22nd as pundits of all stripes weighed on with their own pet ideas, and as it turns out a few of them were correct. The world has changed. A rethinking of our relationships and approaches are in order.

Now that the events of the day are behind us, what shall we do now?

The Left has always claimed the moral high ground and demonized every attempt by those who would stand up to Militant Islam. With the events of Aug 22 in mind, I demand an answer from the Left.

The choice is clear; in a fight to the death with fanatical, apocalyptic belief system, which side will they be on?

The question demands an answer.