Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Note to the MSM

Want to know why most of us think you are biased and uninformed?

Read this and weep for the customers you have lost or alienated.

A 28 year old local understands what the MSM seemingly cannot understand.

That rather than civil war in an uncivilized Arab backwater, we have instead a proxy war being fought for the future of Iraq. That the "insurgents" the MSM seems to cheerlead on with every atrocity are not Iraqis, and they fight for nothing but the future of Iran and the Mullahs and Despots in Syria.

But then, if they told you that, it would be tantamount to an admission that Bush might have been right, that the war involves far more than Iraq, and indeed it is for the very soul of the West. If we lose in Iraq, make no mistake, our enemies will see nothing but victory in their path, and frankly, they would be right.


Sunni vs. Shiite, or rather, Iran vs. Iraq?

Posted by Adrienne Mong, NBC News Producer (08:28 am ET, 03/ 7/06)

Hussein* is back in the bureau this week, looking genial even though he’d just buried his cousin. His young cousin was one of the twenty-odd people killed in a bombing in Hurriya, in northwestern Baghdad, last week.

We learned the news while working late on a Nightly News story the night of the bombing. Hussein rang us to say he was in Kadhimiya Hospital, where he had just seen the remains of his cousin.

A Shiite, Hussein is one of our roving producers/cameramen. His cousin, a 28 year old Sunni, lived in Hurriya with his wife and two children. He was shopping for groceries when the bomb ripped through the market.

With the help of one of our translators, Hussein told me a little about the funeral in Hurriya which drew a mix of both Sunnis and Shiites.

"When the mourners – they are all Sunni, this is their tradition at funerals - broke into song," said Hussein, "the people in the neighboring mosque, who are Shia, surrounded us to protect everyone against any possible attacks."

This kind of solidarity, Hussein and our translator claim, is the norm. Not the sectarian killings we’ve seen on the rise in Iraq.

"You know, this violence between the Sunni and the Shia, many of us Iraqis believe it’s the work of Iranians," said Hussein. "We had an eight year war with them. There is a long history of not liking each other."

According to Hussein, many ordinary Iraqis believe the Iranian government is behind the violence in their country. "Iran wants to make Iraq unstable, less safe," says Hussein. "If it’s not safe and the Americans are trying to keep things calm, then they are too busy to focus on Iran and the nuclear situation."

Read the rest here....

Keeping an eye on the enemy

For those of you who don't normally venture into the open sewer that is the Democratic Underground ( an oxymoron ), you don't have to worry. Your intreped reporter has, as usual, done the dirty work for you.

This thread wonderfully illustrates the fantasyland that the members of the "reality based community" live in. In it, a recently returned Marine, just back from Fallujah and Anbar Province attempts to explain to the Dummies what is going on in Iraq.

Naturally, since they don't like his obviously well informed answers, he is eventually banned from the board for "subversive views". Thoughtcrimes such as his will not be tolerated when they differ from the Party Line on Iraq as formulated by the DNC and their operatives in the MSM.

Some of my favorite bits;

From the Marine "
I just got home from Iraq....
As some may recall, I was mobilized and sent to Iraq (Fallujah and West Anbar) for the past 8 months.
It was interesting, to say the least.

I served as an advisor to an Iraqi Army Battlaion, as both the infantry advisor and an intelligence advisor.

Does anyone have any questions about my tour/what it's like/etc.?

I just got home on Friday. (saw my 7 month old son for the first time)."


"I'd say that about half of the Iraqi Battalions are ready to operate independently. Our Battalion (as did many other) had its own battlespace in Fallujah. They were very successful. With less support and assets, they managed to capture more "bad guys" than any of the Marine units of equal size (Companies).
They lack competent logistical support from higher, though. Much of that is due to corruption in the higher ranks of the Iraqi Army/MOD.

The attitude of the Iraqi army towards the current clashes, is pretty much "it's about time". They've sat back and absorbed so much Sunni perpetrated violence, that they are now just hitting back. Most of the so called "sectarian violence" has been one sided; coming from the Sunnis."

Naturally, this conflicts with the worldview of the Dummies, who according to their research, recieved from such unbiased sources such as IndyMedia, the NYT, the DNC and ANSWER, the situation is nothing but quagmire and defeat.

The Dummies are quick to take him to task for thoughtcrimes;

He can't talk until he's out, at which point maybe he'll talk about torture, civilian killing, chemical weapons use, looting, corruption, imperialism, bigotry, abuse, intimidation, snipers, urban warfare, propaganda, etc...

It ain't going to happen now, he'd be court-martialed.

My only question is why'd he join in the 1st place? Was he aware of the illegitamacy of this fake war when he joined? Of course, that can't be answered either.

In other words, his opinions, derived from first hand experiance must be discounted since he is on active duty. After all, we know that the Marine Corps monitors DU hourly for active duty posters. What paranoia !

"Did you see burned civilians? From the white phosphorus that was used? IIRC, some Italians did a documentary on this a few months ago and it was horrible."


"I don't know why but I'm a bit suspicious about all this.

Just sayin'..."

This is great, a Marine who has actually BEEN THERE is being questioned by a Dummie who gets his opinions and info straight from ANSWER. LOL, this is rich.

"Sorry to break up this lovefest. What are your feelings about Bush? Have you witnessed any atrocities perpetrated by American soldiers? Are there any atrocities being perpetrated by American soldiers?"

Yeah, thats it, stop telling us good knews, tell us what we want to know about, atrocities ! After all, behind every Marine is secretly a baby killer just waiting to come out, stop telling us about progress and get to the real story, baby killing !

Shortly after that, he is tombstoned, banned and never to reappear.

Just another day in the "reality based community"



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