Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Google; doing what the Chinese can't

It is a sad day indeed when search giant Google co-operates with the Chinese Government to censor the Internet.

In case you don’t realize what we are talking about, lets take a gander at what the Chinese get when they type in a search for…say, Tiananmen Square.

You remember it don’t you?

A celebration of freedom by enthusiastic young people, believing for a few brief days, that the evil that is Communism had been eclipsed by the coming of a new age of freedom.

The Chinese Old Guard, not getting the memo that Communism was dead, brought in tanks and simply eliminated the problem.

First we do the search in US Google

Now lets try that in the Chinese version.

When an American Company is faced with the choice of profits over principal, it shames me that too often the money wins.

Winston Smith would be awed by how easy this is.