Monday, April 17, 2006

Coming soon to a City near you.

Chain of suicide clinics planned

A SWISS lawyer who runs a “suicide clinic” that has helped 42 Britons to kill themselves, intends to offer his services to people who are not terminally ill.

Ludwig Minelli, founder of the Dignitas clinic in Zurich, says he wants to open a chain of high street-style centres to end the lives of people with illnesses or mental conditions such as chronic depression.


Since it was set up in 1998, Dignitas has assisted in the suicides of more than 450 people, 42 of them from the UK. The most recent was Dr Anne Turner from Bath, who took her life in Zurich in January.

Dignitas is able to operate because the Swiss legal system permits the act of assisting people to kill themselves. The law in England and Wales makes the same act punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

Most of Dignitas’s members have been terminally ill, but there have also been isolated cases of people with non-fatal conditions being helped to die.

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In a related story; Ludwig Minelli, founder of the Dignitas clinic in Zurich also announced the opening of his latest endevor, a state of the art manufacturing plant that produces an "all natural" snack food that not only tastes good, but it is good for the environment as well.

In this photo, a Quality Control Inspector keeps an eye on the finished product.

Mr. Minelli says that he expects great sucess due to the unusual flavor and low raw material costs. He has yet to name this up and coming product and is thinking of sponsoring a contest for it with a 5000 Kroner prize. The only restriction is that it must have Soy, used as a binder in the crackers, and Green for the obvious reasons. You can send your entry to his Companies Website here.
Close up of the product


Doing the Job the MSM should be doing...

It is not often I plug another Blog, but this one should be on your "must read" list.

You might have heard that Millions of Documents held by Iraq prior to the War have been released to the public.

JVERITAS has taken on this awesome task and has been releasing some bombshells.

Still think Saddam had no WMD? Still think he didn't support Al Quieda? Still think he had no relationship to terrorism?

You need to read more.

The question I have is, why is it up to an individual to do this? What about the much trumpeted MSM and their "Investigative journalists"?

Could it be that they don't WANT to know the truth?

If the information contained in these documents becomes more widespread, it will completely undermine their entire script concerning the war.

You know the script; Quagmire, defeat, civil war, lies and more lies.

Thanks to JVERITAS and others, the truth is starting to trickle out.

And it isn't quite what the MSM has been telling you.

I urge you to read for yourself.

Then decide.

Who is Really lying to you?